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MOST Ministries
Our Experience 

MOST Ministries has been facilitating short-term teams since 1989.
MOST Ministries has sent over 6,300 team members to 52 countries around the world.
MOST Ministries has touched the lives of over 240,000 people with the love of Jesus in word and action.


Our Focus 

Every MOST Ministries mission experience includes sharing the Gospel through a simple, clear presentation whenever appropriate with community members.  In some countries, formal public evangelism is forbidden by government policy which we fully adhere to.

Our Partnership with the LCMS 

MOST Ministries is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization independent of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS), but operates in such a way as to foster the mission and ministry of the church, providing activities in harmony with the Synod, and respecting the doctrine and practice of the Synod at all times.

Our Mission Excellence Membership 

MOST Ministries is an accredited member of Mission Excellence (formerly known as U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short Term Missions). By achieving the top-tier within Mission Excellence, MOST Ministries applies the highest best practice standards established for short term missions through God-centeredness, qualified leadership, comprehensive administration, and more. MOST is part of an elite group of organizations that is recognized for their achievement as well as commitment to quality and excellence.

There are 40,000 sending entities (churches, schools, organizations, etc.) within North America, but only 28 (0.0007%) of them have received the accreditation status from Mission Excellence.


Our Team Leaders 
  • Served on two or more MOST Ministries teams
  • Successfully completed the team leader training program
  • Well-versed in crisis management and can handle virtually any issue that may arise on the field
  • Red Cross certified in First Aid and CPR
  • Serve as the spiritual leader, helping team members to see Christ at work in and through them

Our Staff 

In order to identify ministry needs, the MOST Ministries staff communicates with LCMS missionaries and national church partners around the world to see how short-term mission teams can help them meet their strategic ministry goals.

Additionally, the staff arranges all aspects of the project and travel logistics, including flights, accommodations, food, transportation, travelers' insurance, etc.


Our Commitment 
  • MOST Ministries daily monitors safety and security issues around the world to ensure that our teams do not face undue risk on the field
  • All our teams are registered with the embassy in the country where they will travel
  • Have staff on-call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week when teams are on the field
  • Provide emergency contact information for family and friends at home
  • Provide an approved medical bag for all teams, which includes a booklet with nursing protocols for the most common illnesses that can occur on the field

Choosing MOST Ministries to facilitate your short-term mission team means choosing an experienced, full-service organization that will give your team the safest, most secure, life-impacting and life-transforming mission experience possible.

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