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MOST Ministries
Mission Statement 
MOST Ministries is committed to impacting the world for Jesus Christ through short term missions by empowering the found in reaching the lost.

Core Values 

In response to the Great Commission, MOST Ministries identifies with the urgency of Christ's Biblical mandate in a rapidly changing world where many people groups must still be reached. To achieve our purpose we are committed to the following values.

Gospel Centered

MOST Ministries is founded on its' relationship with Jesus Christ and its adherence to the Scriptures. MOST Ministries looks for guidance in fulfilling its mission from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod and its confessions.

Field Driven

MOST Ministries believes that the work of foreign missions must be a direct response to the requests and needs of the mission field. Through strategic planning, areas of need are identified and a plan of action is set in place to enable team members to utilize their gifts and talents in meeting those needs.

Empowering Relationship

MOST Ministries values relationships formed with nationals, missionaries, team members, prayer warriors and other mission agencies and organizations who, by working together, can empower each other to accomplish the mission of impacting the world for Jesus Christ.


MOST Ministries, with Christ as the model who came to serve and not be served, strives with Christian joy to reflect His attitude of love and servanthood.


MOST Ministries, in response to the worthiness of Christ, aspires for excellence in all aspects of ministry.

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