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Saturday, Aug 1

Many people's employment has been affected by COVID-19 - unemployment, underemployment or cut wages.  Pray for them, for peace and comfort.  Also for wisdom for our government leaders trying to find ways to help.

Sunday,    Aug 2

Around the world, there are many places where church workers and believers are persecuted for their faith.  We lift them in prayer today.

Monday,   Aug 3

We appreciate all of our donors, prayer partners, and volunteers.  Join the MOST staff in a prayer of thankfulness for all who join alongside us in the ministry God has given to us.

Tuesday,    Aug 4

Many places around the nation have local elections occurring today.  Pray that they go smoothly.

Wednesday, Aug 5

We (hopefully) look forward to sending MOST teams to serve with our international hosts in 2021.  Pray that this can happen safely.

Thursday, Aug 6

Wishing Darcy Zent, one of our amazing MOST Team Leaders, a happy birthday today.  Prayers for God's peace and joy for her today and through the next year.

Friday,      Aug 7

Families around the nation are facing the need to make decisions for schooling.  Please pray for peace and God's leading as they make the best decisions for their family.

Saturday,  Aug 8

Our many volunteers that collect eyeglasses and make witness bracelets have been working hard despite the shutdown.  Thanksgiving for all their work!

Sunday,    Aug 9

Prayers for quietness of the soul, trust in God and that we can be a listener when needed.

Monday,   Aug 10

We lift up our Team Administrator, Kaleigh Bone, today and our hosts as they work on plans for 2021 MOST teams.

Tuesday,    Aug 11

Today we lift up the nation's teens and young adults.  This time of uncertainity and separation has been difficult for them.  Pray for God's peace for them, for them to find someone to walk alongside them, and for them to be led to grow in their faith.

Wednesday, Aug 12

Thanksgiving and prayers for nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers that are still working hard every day to bring people back to health.

Thursday, Aug 13

Prayers for our hosts across the world, that they can continue their ministry.  Please pray for their well-being.

Friday,      Aug 14

Lift MOST Board of Director's members in prayer as they prepare for the upcoming MOST board meeting.  Pray for God's leading as they help us plan for the future.

Saturday,  Aug 15

Pray for schools acroos the nation as they make final decisions for the fall.  Special prayers for our teachers.


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