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MOST Ministries

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Instead of publishing the Prayer Calendar twice per month, MOST Ministries has decided to publish it on a monthly basis beginning in October.




Oct 1

Churches around the world are celebrating Pastor Appreciation month!  Pastors have a difficult job in leading people through challenging times, but many have been a shining light in their communities through the pandemic – thank you for your dedication!


Oct 2

Give thanks for the changing weather and the beauty that comes along with it – God’s creation is marvelous.


Oct 3

A Board of Director’s member will be presenting at an LWML rally in Indiana tomorrow on behalf of MOST.  Pray for her presentation and the leadership of this LWML zone.


Oct 4

Today is LWML Sunday.  MOST deeply appreciates the support that the LWML grants and Team Members have provided in furthering our mission and vision!


Oct 5

As the United States and other countries are nearing their national elections, pray for peace, unity, and civility as people discuss difficult topics with loved ones.


Oct 6

Pray for 2021 team recruitment and patience as we are continuing to learn how COVID has affected international travel.

Wednesday, Oct 7

Ruth (MOST’s Executive Director) and Jeff Martin are celebrating their wedding anniversary today.  Pray for many blessings in their marriage!


Oct 8

Today is World Sight Day – a day to advocate for the people who are blind or have impaired vision.  Pray for these individuals and that MOST teams will be able to serve communities through eyeglass clinics in 2021.


Oct 9

Give thanks for the relationships that Team Members have built with one another over the years.  After serving on a team together, it’s wonderful to hear them reminisce about the team(s) they have gone on and how they continue to serve together!


Oct 10

Give thanks for the LWML district leaders as many take on new leadership roles.


Oct 11

Give thanks for Pastor’s around the world who continue to share the love of Jesus!  Congregations have much to be thankful for as they celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day.


Oct 12

Pray for the preparations for our virtual fundraising event this year.


Oct 13

Pray for people who have had to cancel, postpone, or find new creative ways to hold family events such as weddings, funerals, family reunions, etc.

Wednesday, Oct 14

Pray for the Development Committee meeting today.  The members on this committee are working on creating a plan for the end of 2020 and beyond.


Oct 15

Pray for the MI District, LCMS conference today where attendees will learn how to be a light in the world as the Church prays and moves forward together toward racial healing.


Oct 16

Give thanks for healthcare workers and other essential employees who are continuing to work throughout the pandemic.


Oct 17

Pray for people who may be continuing to struggle with loneliness.


Oct 18

Today, Greg Gessert is celebrating his birthday.  Thank you for your service as a member on the Board of Directors and a Team Member.  We pray for a blessed year!


Oct 19

Janet Stechholz is celebrating her birthday today!  Our staff prays for a blessed year as she continues her service as a member on the Board of Directors, Team Member, and volunteer!


Oct 20

Pray for the decision process and the leadership of the national LWML as they review each grant that has been submitted.


Oct 21

Pray for the preparation of MOST’s financial budget for 2021.


Oct 22

Pray for the LWML districts whose conventions were either virtual or cancelled this year.  Give thanks for their dedication to using their mite donations to help nonprofits further the Kingdom of God!


Oct 23

Pray for families who have lost loved ones this year.


Oct 24

Not all shelters and food banks have the necessary support to operate this season especially due to COVID restrictions.  However, there are many people who need their support in the coming months.  Pray for the staff of these organizations and their dedication to helping people throughout the year.


Oct 25

Give thanks for the church teams who have signed Letter of Intents for a 2021 team!


Oct 26

With the U.S. elections a week away, pray for tensions to lessen.


Oct 27

Give thanks for the people who have already signed up for a 2021 team!


Oct 28

Pray for the grants that our staff and committee are researching and writing.  These grants will be used to further bless the ministry that we do on the field and at the Mission Center.


Oct 29

Pray for people who are in the midst of cancer treatment.  With the shutdowns, many of them have not been able to receive their necessary treatment.


Oct 30

Pray for everyone’s safety while they trick-or-treat and participate in other fall festivities this weekend.


Oct 31

Today is Reformation Day.  Give thanks for God’s gift of salvation and the words that Martin Luther proclaimed this day in 1517: Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia - Scripture alone, Faith alone, Grace alone.


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