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Monday, Mar 16

Pray for Team 2005 Guatemala which had to be canceled due to closing borders in Guatemala. We pray for those who were going to be served to have opportunities to receive help.


Mar 17

Pray for MOST Ministries, as we as an organization, work through how Covid-19 affects our volunteers, teams, and those we serve.


Mar 18

Pray for Panama Team 2016 as it will have to be rescheduled in response to the outbreak. Be with the church that the team was going to serve.

Thursday, Mar 19

Today we celebrate the first day of spring. May the warmer weather and renewal of life remind us of the warmth of Jesus’ love and his ultimate renewal of life to save us all.

Friday,   Mar 20

We pray for our nation’s leaders as they respond to the outbreak and work on making decisions to limit its spread.

Saturday, Mar 21

We pray for all those who are sick that they may have a quick recovery and that fewer lives are lost.

Sunday, Mar 22

Today is World Water Day. We pray for all of our water teams to be effective and reach those in need of the Gospel and clean water.

Monday, Mar 23

We pray for nurses, doctors, and health care workers as they work to help the sick and suffering. May God keep them safe and protected.

Tuesday, Mar 24

We pray for our host Nury DeMilian with Lead A Child. May you keep her safe and protected during this time.

Wednesday, Mar 25

We pray for the church as they respond to support their members through new and different ways.

Thursday, Mar 26

We pray for our hosts in Honduras, Pastor Junior and Deacon Tulio, as they work to serve and respond to their congregations during this time.

Friday,   Mar 27

We pray for Pastor Daniel in India. That you keep is congregation safe and allow him to bring the truth of God’s word to all who hear him.

Saturday, Mar 28

We lift up the Lutheran Church in Nicaragua. May they be able to continue to serve through these uncertain times.

Sunday, Mar 29

We lift up our hosts in Germany, Hugo Gevers and Kim Bueltmann. May you grant them safety as well as the ability to continue to share Gods Word to those in need.   

Monday, Mar 30

We lift up our Host in Thailand, Dang Taweesin, as she works to continue ministry and outreach to the communities around them. May you keep them safe and protect them. 

Tuesday, Mar 31

We lift up Erin Mackenzie, a missionary with the LCMS, who hosts our Peru teams. May you be with her and the LCMS as they work with local churches to help serve their needs and keep them safe.

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