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Everybody loves giving and receiving gifts. Whether for a birthday, graduation, confirmation or another special occasion, selecting the perfect gift can be challenging especially in a world where many of us already have so much. So what about giving a gift that gives back? By selecting a gift from our Gift Catalog, your gift will not only give delight to the recipient, it will also give back to someone truly in need. Following your purchase, you will have the option of sending your gift recipient a tribute card notifying them of the gift you made in their honor.

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    White canes are given to people who visit our eyeglass clinics whose vision is so poor they cannot be helped through the provision of corrective lenses. Your gift of $15 will allow for greater mobility and independence.

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    The sport of soccer is wildly popular with young people everywhere. Your gift of $25 will offer a fun way for our team members to introduce Jesus and share the Gospel message with others.

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    Clean water is one of life's most basic needs yet many people throughout the world lack access to it. Your gift of $40 will allow us to purchase one Sawyer Water Filter for our Clean Water Mission Teams.

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    Millions of people struggle with impaired vision in countries where eyeglasses are either not available or affordable. Your gift of $100 will 
    provide eyeglasses for people living in underdeveloped countries.

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    MOST Ministries provides more than 20 projects that meet the needs of 10,000 people annually. Your gift of $150 will provide the supplies needed to carry out those projects such as tools and materials.

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    "Flipper" sets allow thousands of people every year to be tested and fitted with glasses all across the globe. Your gift of $200 will allow us to replace sets that wear out or are damaged on the mission field.

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