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MOST Ministries

For the past thirty years, MOST Ministries has been a leader in sending short-term mission teams around the world. Our trained team leaders are second to none. Our missiology is field-focused - we work with our missionaries and national church partners to accomplish their strategic ministry goals. Our commitment to excellence includes the safety of all our team members with an extensive crisis management plan and continuous monitoring of safety and security issues around the world. Finally, our commitment to training our teams goes beyond the team members themselves and involves the whole congregation. But don't just listen to us; listen to what our team members and our hosts have to say about working with MOST Ministries!


From Our Team Members 

"This trip has drawn me a lot closer to the Lord... more in awe of Him, more dependent on and trustful in Him, and more attentive to His voice. Also, I feel a lot more confident and passionate about sharing the Gospel with others. In addition, God has shown me some abilities I didn't know I had. This trip has encouraged me to more passionately seek to use every talent and ability for His glory and to be active about developing those talents with His will and glory in focus. Thank you MOST Ministries for all you do to organize these mission trips and teams. What an incredible blessing you are. You have no idea how amazing God is working through you in changing lives. Keep up the wonderful work."

~Naomi Carlton, 1118 Guatemala Eyeglass Team

"I feel MOST Ministries is extremely well organized and has a very smooth and seamless sequence to help a team and all its members handle the many aspects of a mission trip with relative ease. If one pays attention to all the printed and training materials, there can hardly be anything that catches you unaware."

~Dan Walther, 1102 Nicaragua Water Team

"I was very impressed with MOST Ministries' organization and materials. The ESL Christian curriculum was prepared very well and it provided us all we needed to learn the material and teach the lessons. Your ministry provided us with a good structure, travel details, and a good leader. You have a very strong, good reputation amongst the LCMS and the Lutheran Church-Canada. We will definitely recommend you and use you again."

~Beth Schulze, 1019 Costa Rica ESL Team

"This was my first mission trip through MOST Ministries and everyone that has gone on trips before told me that it would be the trip of a lifetime. It was that and more!" 

~Ronald Schury, 919 Mexico Eyeglass Team

"To me, this trip reaffirmed my hope to become a full-time mission worker after my retirement from teaching. There is much work to be done for the kingdom and if it is God's will, I will be allowed to do it in the years to come. MOST Ministries has been a catalyst for me and has provided opportunities to serve that I otherwise would not have had."

~Julie Christoff, 733 Guatemala Eyeglass Team

"Thanks so much for doing such a great job of preparing our team for this mission. The experience was a wonderful one for me. After hearing about other mission trips from different people, I realized I was very fortunate to have had so much pre-knowledge and super leadership! I think some of the most valuable things were the Servanthood Bible Study to prepare for the mission, the on-field journal and the debriefing questions. I also really enjoyed the morning and evening devotions prepared by each team member."
~ Betsy Malloy, 1102 Nicaragua Water Team
From Our Hosts 

"One of the main goals for Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation is to build strong, deep meaningful relationships which allow us to build trust with the local government, local school officials as well as the students and residents of the towns in which we work.


The MOST Ministries Asia Eyeglass Team had a very positive impact on the local leaders and residents. Most of the principals from the schools we worked with were very excited and happy to have the team come and serve. In fact, several of them even wanted to help serve and assist the team in any way possible to show their appreciation and support. The Mayor, who has a reputation of being very busy, took time out of his day to come and visit one of the schools, primarily because he had been hearing very positive reports and feedback from the principals.

I have worked with many organizations and groups in organizing teams and activities. Simply put -- Working with MOST Ministries is one of the most organized and easy experiences I have ever had. I enjoyed the easy, consistent ability to communicate. Then when the team arrived -- I thoroughly appreciated being able to focus on my job and tasks, never needing to worry about the MOST Ministries' team members."

~Sean Harlow, Concordia Welfare & Education Foundation Service Coordinator

"MOST Ministries is an excellent Christ-centered service provider of short-term mission teams."

~Pastor David Chuchu, Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya


"The MOST Ministries team was by far the largest group of Christians to ever visit Qiqihar, China. Their services to the Qiqihar residents was inspiring and deeply appreciated by everyone who received the glasses. The example set by an elderly member of the eyeglass team, who was over the age of 80, was especially inspiring to all. As a result of the hard work of the Most Ministries team over the five-day period, the membership of Eunkwang Church increased by 400 persons."

~Rev. Sungwan Park and Peter Koh, Lutheran Church of Korea


"Thank you very much for sending such a great team. This was the best team ever. The team was very knowledgeable and filled with skills needed for the projects. The team leader was incredible. The team demonstrated Jesus ways and his actions to the community and the students were over joyed by their presence. Thank you once again for putting up such a great team together and thank you for sending them out to run the projects.

The girls enjoyed making the [feminie hygiene] kits. They also showed a great need to have those kits. The team has also made enough that will be donated to girls and families that have nothing or cannot afford those. The skills taught to the girls and the boys will be used forever and we will try to pass the same skills to other people. Once again, thank you very much for such a great work that you are doing."

~Laurence Laban, Next Life Foundation Tanzania

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