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MOST Ministries
Volunteers: A Year in Review 
By Kelly Bone (MOST Ministries Business Manager & Volunteer Coordinator)

What a joy it has been to work with so many wonderful volunteers over the past year!  You make it meaningful for me to come into work each day.  I have been blessed by your kind words through so many transitions this year.  

Over 100,000 eyeglasses come through our office each year, and in just the last year, our team members were able to fit 6,275 people for eyeglasses. This was possible only because of the selfless hours each of our volunteers sacrificed.    

There are many steps for each pair of glasses to go through before they are shipped off around the world.  Each step has a different pair of hands working on the glasses, praying over them.  We had 6,570 volunteer hours last year.  That is equivalent to over 3 full time staff members.  WOW!!!  What a blessing. Your work is vital and keeps this ministry running.

The eyeglass ministry also includes the donations of witness bracelets, witness finger puppets, eyeglass cases, neck coolers and used eyeglasses.  We received 268 supply-related donations in 2018.  That is outstanding!  Some of the donations were a few pair of glasses but others included thousands of glasses.  Just last week we received over 1,000 witness bracelets and 1,300 eyeglass cases. 

The smiles on the children’s faces as they receive a finger puppet, or the mom who can sew again to make money for her family because she can see to thread the needle, or the father who is able to continue to work to support his family because the perfect pair of eyeglasses brought his vision back to see clearly – PRICELESS.  You make these stories possible – thank you!

I look forward to the year ahead and am excited to see what God has in store for MOST Ministries, the wonderful people around the world we reach, and for each one of you - our faithful volunteers.  As MOST celebrates 30 years, 2019 promises to be an exciting year.

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