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MOST Ministries
Who Is MOST Ministries? 

Mission Opportunities Short Term (MOST Ministries) is a Christian non-profit organization that connects, trains, and sends short-term mission teams throughout the world, in response to requests from missionaries and church bodies. MOST Ministries provides for the physical and spiritual needs of more than 10,000 people each year by connecting Goers, Senders and Receivers. It is a commitment to the Great Commission that has compelled MOST Ministries to go far and near for the sake of the Gospel since 1989.


Missiology: What Is It? 

Missiology is the philosophy of mission, rooted in the Scriptures, that drives everything we do at MOST Ministries. The missiology of MOST Ministries shares the love of Jesus through evangelism, church, and community development, team members live out their faith in word and deed around the world. It is our intent to foster self-sufficiency and not dependency. Our teams are "field-driven", meaning they are requested by the missionary or national church for specific projects that will assist them in helping and connecting with their community for Jesus.


What Relationships Do We Have in the U.S. and Abroad? 
MOST Ministries has relationships in almost 50 countries and extensive experience working with international Lutheran entities such as international church bodies, missionaries, hospitals, universities, orphanages and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). MOST Ministries is a Recognized Service Organization (RSO) of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS), a member of the Association of Lutheran Mission Agencies (ALMA), and an Accredited Member of the U.S. Standards of Excellence in Short Term Missions (SOE).
MOST Ministries has facilitated international teams for Christian churches, LCMS Districts and Circuits, the Lutheran Women's Missionary League, Lutheran and secular universities and high schools and individuals.
MOST Ministries partners with organizations such as Lead-a-Child, Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM), People of the Book Lutheran Outreach (POBLO) and Ysleta Lutheran Mission (YLM) in joint short-term mission teams.
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