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Tanzania - Is Jesus Working There? 
By Rev. Mark Pflug (1811 Tanzania Eyeglass Team Member)

As a Pastor Emeritus who joyfully ‘joined Jesus on His mission’ serving on a team to Tanzania this summer, I wondered “What would I see Him doing in Africa?”  Our MOST Ministries team saw Him bring 858 people who had difficulty seeing to be served at our clinic, and their world was cleared up with corrective lenses!  We also visited two villages - and when our team showed up in their neighborhoods armed with salvation bracelet beads, they not only saw Jesus smiling at them as we told the story of how He loved them and had died for them, but they were then invited to be changed and cleansed and born again through Holy Baptism – and they accepted!  Between the team members evangelizing with the local Tanzanian pastor and myself - Jesus baptized 234 people into the Church in four short afternoons!   Is Jesus keeping His promise that follows His commission to “GO – I will be with you always”? Absolutely, thrillingly, YES!  And I praise and thank Him for making it possible to be part of this experience in Tanzania.

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