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How My Congregation and Our Mission Teams Have Benefited by Partnering with MOST Ministries 
By Pastor Joel Sarrault (MOST Ministries Team & Board Member)

Most congregations seek ways to serve their community as an expression of their faith in Jesus and in grace-filled obedience to our Lord’s words in John 13, “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done to you.”  At the congregation where I am privileged to serve (St. John’s in Adrian, Michigan) we have grown together by providing meals at the local homeless shelter, supplies for the Care Pregnancy Center, backpacks and school supplies for the area schools with low income families, a scholarship for High School seniors attending college who might not qualify for traditional scholarship funds, books for the Dominican Sisters’ Literacy Center, winter coats for a community charity, Operation Christmas Child, food pantry, Kids Against Hunger and others that many of your congregations have also been blessed to be a blessing.

Most of the time Christians grow in their faith and their personal understanding of Jesus Christ when we serve others as Jesus has served us.  Several years ago my congregation and I discovered a great ministry that provided us with the opportunity to serve beyond our local and national borders. Mission Opportunities Short Term or “MOST” as most of us are familiar with!  MOST Ministries has built relationships in the mission fields of over 50 countries and all of them provide a variety of servant-opportunities for congregations like yours and mine to connect with and serve together in exciting and humbling locations.  We have been blessed to serve for three years running in the same village of La Joya, Nicaragua and one year at La Paz, Honduras.  And as soon as borders safely open up we can’t wait to return to both countries.  Our team has developed friendships in those villages with the pastors, their families, and their churches.  We only bring to the villages what they have specified they need.  We’re there to serve them not to push an outside agenda.  Over the years we’ve been able to provide water sanitation, health & hygiene lessons, VBS, eyeglass clinics, and Gospel encouragement for brothers and sisters in Christ.

MOST Ministries provides the training, resources, a team leader, and years of experience in on-the-field ministry.  They’ve been great to work with for our teams and have given us direction and support in ways that on our own we probably could not have done.  My congregation has been involved as Prayer partners, Senders, and Goers.  It’s been a marvelous way to involve the entire congregation in a mission that strengthens our ministry, deepens our friendships, and broadens our understanding of the Body of Christ.

I can’t encourage pastors and members of congregations enough to prayerfully pursue a MOST Ministries trip!

Pastors, it has been a richly beneficial experience to go on a MOST trip with my members.  We get to serve with each other in a way that just isn’t possible “at home.”  We are blessed to create faith-memories that strengthen our congregation and clarify the teachings of Jesus about serving and loving as He has served and loved us.  If you are curious about a MOST trip give me a call (517-263-5012).  I would love to talk with you and share our experience and help you take the first steps toward a life-enriching servant event.

Members of congregations, is the Spirit urging you in a new direction of service perhaps in one of the 50+ locations abroad that MOST serves?  You will be challenged and rewarded in this new experience.  Whether you can develop a team of 2 or 12, MOST would love to work with you and help you find your sweet spot with a new mission experience.  If you would like to speak to some of my team members just call me and I’ll put you in touch with some of my super servers!

Senior Pastor, Joel Sarrault, has been serving Jesus at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Adrian, Michigan since 1999.  Prior to moving to Adrian with his wife, Dawn, and their two boys, Zachery and Nicholas, Pastor Joel served congregations in Scott City, Missouri and Mt. Forest, Ontario, Canada. He thoroughly enjoys pointing people to Jesus through God’s grace, worship, counsel, AMen’s men’s ministry, classes, involvement in the community, and challenging members to grow up in their baptismal grace.  Along with loving to preach and teach, Pastor Joel runs marathons, gardens, fishes, canoes, cooks, reads too much, tutors adults in ESL, and takes pleasure in family time. MOST Ministries is blessed to have Pastor Joel on its Board of Directors.


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