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Did You Forget About Us? 

We thought you forgot about us!”  This was the greeting a MOST Ministries team received earlier this year as they served people and shared the gospel in several Ugandan villages.  Planning for the 2018 team actually began back in 2016 with a scouting trip to Uganda.  Our plan was to send a team to the African nation during the summer of 2017.  However, because we had difficulty finding team members who were willing to commit to a relatively expensive trip and lengthy flight, the project had to be “temporarily” postponed.  Thankfully, a team from a U.S. congregation stepped up and said “Send us to Uganda in January 2018!”

For those of you who aren’t aware, MOST Ministries develops our annual team schedule 6-18 months in advance by working with international hosts (national church leaders and missionaries) who have specific projects and locations in mind.  Our hosts spend weeks gathering logistical information, filling out government paperwork, procuring supplies for the clinics, and publicizing a team’s arrival.  All of this is necessary to lay the ground work for a successful team experience that helps the local church and the people who are served.

The positive feedback we receive from local church leaders and missionaries who have hosted a MOST Ministries team in the mission field has been tremendous!  And “new” hosts are equally excited to receive a verbal commitment from MOST Ministries to serve them in the coming months. But, if we do not have enough people sign up for a team at least three months prior to departure, MOST Ministries either has to postpone or cancel the team.  That’s why it took us a year longer than anticipated to send a team to Uganda and why the people thought MOST Ministries had forgotten about them.

Did you know that hosts tell us that they pray for MOST Ministries’ teams?  They do!  You can imagine how disappointed they are when we have to inform them that a team was cancelled because we did not have enough people sign-up to serve.  It affects their credibility within their communities and is possibly the hardest thing we face as a ministry – having to say we cannot come, all the while knowing this will have a negative impact on those we serve.

We ask that you prayerfully consider where God may be calling you to serve in 2019.  Are you our next team member who will bring hope to a struggling pastor, eyeglasses to a young student, or a water filter to a family that spends hours a day searching for clean water just to stay healthy?  More importantly, is it YOU that God has intended to use to share the Gospel with an unreached person in another country?  Our hosts are anxiously awaiting the encouragement and support our teams so selflessly and joyfully bring their way.  For more information on our 2019 team schedule, please visit our website at

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