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Above and Beyond: MOST Ministries Volunteers 

We are blessed with great volunteers at MOST Ministries.  I am amazed at their willingness to serve God by volunteering at MOST Ministries week after week.  I know many of our weekly volunteers offer to return outside their ‘regular’ hours in order to finish a project.  We have wonderful volunteers who lend a hand wherever it is needed.  We also have ‘specialized’ volunteers – those people who know more about a specific task than well … even me as a staff member!

These women have dedicated much of their time to MOST Ministries and we’d like to highlight their efforts.  Besides taking on whatever tasks need to be accomplished on a specific day, Suzan Hatch maintains our team medical kits.  These are small first aid kits that go out with every team MOST sends into the field.  Her work ensures that our teams will have first aid for whatever might come up, be it band-aids or extra rehydration powder.  

Barb Yek supports team leaders and eyeglass teams with her work.  Each time a MOST Ministries team heads out to serve around the world, the leader will have a bag full of ‘whatever might be needed’ – duct tape, small tools, pens.   Each time a team returns, those team leader bags are given to Barb who checks and restocks them.  Both Barb and Suzan keep track of supplies that they need for their certain jobs.  When packing for a team, I simply grab a medical kit and team leader bag, knowing that Barb and Suzan have taken care that it is ready to go. 

Barbara Hoffmeier helps the many eyeglass teams MOST sends out during the year.  Many supplies are needed to run a clinic.  To test each client that comes through, the teams need charts, educational pictures and testing equipment.  All this must be packed but also maintained.  Barbara’s work helps the clinic begin and flow smoothly. 

I am grateful for all the work these women do to support the work here at MOST Ministries.  Their countless hours of volunteering support both the teams and the staff.  If you have ever thought about how to spend your free time – please come in and find your place here.

If you are interested in learning more about our various volunteer opportunities, please contact Kelly Bone at 734-994-7909 ext. 4 or

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