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MOST Ministries

Welcome to the MOST Ministries Team Blog Page. We hope the blogs will be useful in allowing our "Goers" and "Senders" to communicate with one other. Ideally, the blogs on this page will provide day-to-day updates and lots of opportunities for prayer support

Initial Set Up Instructions

This year, we will be using Google Blogger exclusively.  Most of our teams used it last year and found it very easy to add text and photos. Please click here to set up your Team Blog Account and for complete directions on how to use the Blogger site.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have set up your Team Blog, you will need to send us your blog web address so we can link it to the MOST MINISTRIES' website for viewing. Please click here to send your blog web address or call Debby Suchyta at 734.994.7909 X11.


2014 Team Blog Sites

1403 Nicaragua Medical

1406 Tanzania Eyeglass/Evangelism

1408 Costa Rica Women's Ministry

1409 Latvia English Camp

1410 Costa Rica Sewing

1412 Alaska VBS

1414 Costa Rica English Camp / Evangelism

1416 Nicaragua Water / Assessment

1417 Guatemala Medical

1418 Tanzania Eyeglass

1419 Nicaragua Water

1420 Guatemala Eyeglass / VBS

1421 Nicaragua Medical

1422 Guatemala Eyeglass / VBS

1423 Nicaragua Medical

1424 Guatemala Eyeglass / VBS

1425 Michigan Construction

1426 Nicaragua Youth Sports

1427 Guatemala ESL / Construction

1428 El Salvador ESL or Eyeglass

1429 Belize Eyeglass

1430 El Salvador Women's Ministry

1431 Michigan VBS

1432 Guatemala Eyeglass

1433 Nicaragua Water

1434 Bethlehem Alzheimers

1435 Ecuador Medical

1436 Paraguay Eyeglass

1437 Ecuador TBD

1438 Dominican Republic Construction

1439 Dominican Republic Marriage Seminar

1440 Dominican Republic Construction

1441 Dominican Republic Construction

1442 Dominican Republic Construction

1443 Dominican Republic Construction

1444 Jamaica Water

1445 Uruguay English Language

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